Thursday, May 05, 2011

Your Daily Chuckle

The Ottawa Citizen has a favourable editorial with regards to Elizabeth May. If ever the need for a copy editor was needed, that's for sure.  Allow me.

Elizabeth May, the Green party leader, will be an asset to the House of Commons. She worked very hard to win in Saanich-Gulf Islands, and deserves a shot to prove herself on a new stage.

An asset in what way? She will get very little time to speak during Question Period and probably won't be on any committees.

It won't be easy. As the lone representative of her party in the House, she'll be an independent for all intents and purposes, which means she won't have much power -especially since the size of the Conservative majority means she won't often be courted for her vote. But her high profile, her passion and her eloquence will ensure that she has a disproportionate influence on public opinion, and perhaps also on her fellow MPs.
 No, she won't be courted for her vote, ever. She'll be an independent because that's how Parliament works when your party doesn't have 12 seats. Her high profile lost half the Green vote. Is the author claiming that May is going to tamper with the members of other parties?  What influence can she wield when the opposition parties don't need her vote and they aren't going to give up scarce committee seats? 

This goes on and on in a similar vein. I suggest that anyone interested in seeing how spin is done poorly, read the whole thing. Greens inability to connect with the electorate in spite of May getting piles of face time speaks not to her strengths as a leader or the growth of the Greens as a party, but the opposite.

What do think will happen when it becomes clear to her constituents that they didn't elect a national party leader, but an independent MP? What happens when the vote subsidy is gone and Greens have to rely on their base for funding? These are the questions that have to be asked of the Greens in general and May in particular.


  1. Well, they might field stronger candidates next time, rather than the usual bevy of sacrifical lambs. Ties in with my slice on The NDP's Vegas Vote Scam:

  2. I give her a month before she is turfed out for a screechings and rantings and flouting the rules of parlaiment

  3. I expect that expulsion from the House for "screechings and rantings" will become a weekly event.

    Unless May can control her temper she will embarrass the voters that sent her to Ottawa.

    The editorial conveniently ignores the fact the Greens lost over 300,000 votes from 2008, down 39%, under May's "leadership".