Wednesday, May 04, 2011

This 40% Nonsense

There's a meme sweeping the Left these days.  Naturally, it's one that is designed to de-legitimize the duly elected Conservative party.  Yes, they only got 40% of the vote, that means 60% of the people didn't vote for them. Apparently, it's not the party that managed to gain a plurality of the votes and a majority of the seats that should govern.

Now, it seems to me that if we were to use this model, then 70% rejected the NDP, 80% rejected the Liberals and 97% rejected the Greens.  The underlying message, though, is that if there were a completely new system, then there wouldn't be a CPC majority government. You know, because over half said "no".

Return to me, if you will, to the days after the collapse of the PC party and the rise of Reform. Jean Chretien's Liberals never once got close to 50%. Now, I don't recall too many demanding that he step aside or to gut the system.  No, what I remember, on a personal level, was being really annoyed that the PC party kept splitting the vote in the East.

The solution to that was a merge and and eventual majority government.  How long did it take? 18 years to rebuild the right to the point where enough people would be able to confer trust. It was like swimming upstream tied to a brick.

For about a century, the Liberals gamed the system they now decry. It's a bit late for that.  The NDP, once champions of proportional representation, will become strangely mute about it.  The demand we go to proportional representation comes from third parties and failed movements.


  1. To follow this lefty logic (I know oxymoron), 35 of the 41 Canadian parliaments were illegitimate. Only Laurier (twice), Borden (WWI), King (WWII), Dief and Mulroney formed governments after receiving in excess of 50% of the popular vote.

    Why is it that these people accept that they lost and work hard and put their energies into making sure that it doesn't happen next time.

  2. Item 3 of this NP article should make them all think

  3. I love that Bob Rae complained that 60% of people voted against Harper when he only got 41% in his own riding!

  4. 40% doesn't count for Conservatives. Totally legit for Liberals.

  5. Well I invite any Liberal, NDP or Green MP with less than 50% of the vote in their own riding to resign, since they are not legitimate.

    I think that only leave Jack Layton as a legitimate opposition member able to take a seat in the House.